Throughout the school day, students of all ages gain skills, knowledge, and a mastery of academic concepts through communicating in both languages.

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The academic program centers around the profile of our graduates as global leaders who represent the school’s LEAD values:

  • Learn Languages:
    Graduates are multicultural and bilingual in Spanish and English.
  • Earn Respect:
    Graduates are empathetic, culturally competent, and appreciative of diversity.
  • Act Responsibly:
    Graduates are passionate agents of positive change who take responsibility for their actions and their environment.
  • Do your Best:
    Graduates strive to reach their full personal and academic potential.


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DC Bilingual uses a balanced literacy approach to teaching reading and writing. Each day, students experience an 80 minute literacy block in English and an 80 minute literacy block in Spanish. Each block consists of a read aloud, phonics workshop, reading or writing workshop, and other balanced literacy components such as shared reading, guided reading, conferences, etc.

In Spanish, teachers use for their literacy instruction, including the Taller de Lector, Taller de Escritor, and Taller de Fonética. Lessons are formatted in a workshop structure which includes a mini-lesson with modeling, guided practice, application and transfer; and independent work time which includes independent reading, writing, and phonics work, as well as small-group instruction and conferencing. Read Alouds are primarily teacher-planned to align to CCSS and/or the current classroom theme.

In English, teachers use Teachers College Reading and Writing Project’s in Reading, Writing, and Phonics for their literacy instruction. Like in the Spanish classroom, lessons are formatted in a workshop structure and Read Alouds are primarily teacher-planned to align to CCSS and/or the current classroom theme.

The English and Spanish language literacy curricula are aligned to the Common Core State Standards in and . At the end of each unit of term, 3rd-5th students take interim assessments to measure their progress on CCSS.


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DC Bilingual teaches mathematics developmentally and for deep conceptual and procedural understanding.

The hallmarks of this instruction include building new knowledge from prior knowledge, providing opportunities to talk about math and to reflect independently, celebrating errors as opportunities to learn, encouraging multiple approaches to problem solving, and promoting diversity and equity in a supportive learning environment. 

Math curriculum at DC Bilingual is shaped by the vision of the Common Core Mathematical Standards with the goal to provide rigorous learning to all students. Rigor refers to the deep, authentic command of mathematical concepts with three (3) components addressed with equal intensity: conceptual understanding, procedural skills and fluency, and application.


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DC Bilingual students engage in science instruction every day from PK3 to 5th grade; this instruction happens only in Spanish. Teachers use a hands-on curriculum, organized around the scientific and engineering practices that support the (NGSS).

DC Bilingual scientists read about subject matter, journal in their science notebooks, and explore answers to scientific questions through experimentation and research.

Through this learning, students use our award-winning school garden and food lab to bring science concepts to life. At the end of the year, students celebrate their discoveries with a school-wide Science Fair where they present their projects to Spanish-speaking judges.

Special Education and Student Support Services

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At DC Bilingual, a diverse and inclusive learning environment is integral to achieving academic excellence. We create every opportunity for students with special needs to have full access to our educational program, be active members of the DC Bilingual community, and gain the foundation to be lifelong learners.

We value the diversity of our students and embrace and celebrate their differences. At DC Bilingual, students receive specialized instruction, related services, and accommodations as needed.

Strong teacher collaboration between our general education teachers, special education teachers, and resource service providers propels the growth of each and everyone of our students.


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