Visual and Performing Arts

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DC Bilingual’s vibrant visual and performing arts program nurtures and develops students’ cognitive, social, and emotional development while also deeping student connection to our school’s multicultural community.

Students, beginning at age three, participate in weekly art, music, and dance classes and have regular opportunities to collaborate on schoolwide performances and projects. These projects include: annual winter and spring concerts, stage productions like the Nutcracker, and art installations for the garden and other areas of the school.

Physical Education

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At DC Bilingual, our physical education program motivates students to be physically active and healthy for a lifetime and to recognize that physical activity impacts their learning success and overall health and wellness. Students explore and experience physical skills, sportsmanship, and leadership skills through participating in PE and/or Dance weekly and daily recess.

The National Association for Sport and Physical Education (NASPE) and the District of Columbia K-12 Physical Education Standards guide our program.Beyond the school day, students can join organized sports clubs through the Hive’s Extended Day Program. These clubs are offered to a wide range of grade levels each year.


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DC Bilingual is committed to preparing students for the technologically advanced world. With online assessments becoming the norm and technology being a part of our daily life, we ensure students receive developmentally appropriate opportunities to use technology to enhance learning and develop skills necessary for higher education and beyond.

DC Bilingual works each year to increase the amount of technology available to students and staff. The equipment available consists of document cameras, interactive whiteboards, projectors, iPads, Chromebooks, laptops, and a host of digital resources and subscriptions.

Bilingual Library

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The Bilingual Library features reading materials and resources in both Spanish and English. Our vision is for our library to be a place where Spanish reading materials and resources are not an afterthought, but an integral and equal part of the collection. Our collection fully represents and reflects the lives and experiences of our student community. We offer a diverse collection including science books at all reading levels, popular graphic novels, picture books, and series. Our collection is developed to both engage readers with popular titles and complement topics from class.  In addition to being a lending library, this comfortable space extends teachers’ instructional resources where students can learn the research process, read independently, meet visiting authors and illustrators, and attend story times and writing or illustration workshops.

Food Lab & Garden

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The award-winning DC Bilingual garden is one of the largest elementary school gardens in the city (approximately 7,000 sq.ft.) and was designed to demonstrate best practices in outdoor education. The garden features raised beds for edible produce, a sensory herb garden, a pollinator habitat, a community compost, and play spaces for our youngest students.

Every grade at DC Bilingual uses the garden for learning with support and guidance from our food and wellness team. Through the generous support of the Emeril Lagasse Foundation, DC Bilingual students visit the Food Lab, a state-of-the-art teaching kitchen, where they learn the culinary arts and its connection to science.

Our food lab and school garden are part of DC Bilingual’s integrated food and wellness model that includes garden, culinary, and environmental education for students and culinary and nutritional education for families. This model reinforces the connection between academic success and the health and wellness of our students, staff, families, and community.


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