DC Bilingual’s charter unanimously approved for 15 more years

On January 28, 2019, the DC Public Charter School Board (PCSB) voted unanimously to extend the charter of DC Bilingual’s Public Charter School for 15 more years. The DC School Reform Act opened the doors for charters to operate in the District and requires that a school in its fifteenth year of operation submit a charter renewal application to continue operations. After extensive review of DC Bilingual’s performance, the PCSB issued a report applauding DC Bilingual’s strong academic outcomes and fiscal management. At the January 28 meeting, DC Bilingual leadership summarized the school’s mission and milestones, and responded to questions from PCSB members about the school’s approach, practices, and strategic plan. Members of the PCSB praised DC Bilingual’s success in maintaining high standards while educating a broad range of students, including students who are English language learners, come from low-income families, or have special needs. The review closed with a unanimous vote from the PCSB to renew DC Bilingual’s charter for another 15 years.

Founded in 2004, the award-winning DC Bilingual provides an innovative, dual immersion, Spanish and English program for 445 students in PreK-3 to 5th grade. DC Bilingual is among DC’s top performing charter schools and receives local and national recognition for its vibrant performing and visual arts, innovative food and wellness, and strong family engagement programs. For more information, please contact Director of Development Alexandra Alderman by email at aalderman@dcbilingual.org or by phone at 202-750-6674.

Blog Post written by:
Francis Keller
Senior Manager, Development and Communications